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Welcome to Precisely, the cloud-based contract management platform where companies can save significant time and resources by creating, controlling, signing and monitoring contracts. All in one place.


Automated Contract Creation

Our Contract Creator is optimized for creating and editing contracts online. With Custom Templates, creating new contracts will be as easy as filling out a series of questions. Learn more


Manage your workflow

Easily create Custom Templates and eliminate undesired amendments to your contracts. Control and make sure that each contract has the right content. Learn more


E-signing as it should be

Seamless handling for an unlimited amount of legally binding e-signatures; from adding of parties to signing the contracts. No more printing. Learn more


Think archive, but smart

Get unlimited storage for all your contracts on our secure servers. Smart Search and filtering to quickly find what you are looking for. No more paper. Learn more


Be up to date, all the time

Help me keeping track of contract expiry, deadlines and milestones. Get reminders to never miss an important deadline again. Learn more

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