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A digital contracting platform that automates and reduces manual tasks, while ensuring compliance.

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Advanced templates for contract automation

Create compliant contracts, at scale

Spend less time on low-level administration, and more time on value-adding efforts.

  • Transform frequently used contracts into automated templates
  • Set rules enable anyone to create contracts, regardless of legal experience
  • Create contracts simply by answering a few questions

Share the workload, keep the control

Involve more team members and automate low-risk tasks, all while staying compliant.

  • Control access levels with user-level authorization
  • Route the right contract to the right person, automatically
  • Stay error-free with rules for templates, calculations, and more
Contract collaboration and negotiations

Collaborate with ease

Keep all communication in one place to avoid misunderstandings and work from wherever.

  • Collaborate with your team, negotiate with your counterparty
  • Review, approve, negotiate, and e-sign in one place
  • Suggest changes with redlining and give feedback
Advanced archive filtering for contracts and documents

Low effort, high impact

With the whole workflow in one place, registering, archiving, and monitoring is easier than ever.

  • Register contracts automatically, with accurate metadata, using AI
  • Upload contracts to the archive and find them easily with advanced filtering 
  • Get notified of contract expiry, deadlines and milestones

Better contracting now - and tomorrow

How you choose to work now, determines what possibilities you will have in the future. Choosing a cloud-based platform today, means choosing a smarter future.


Save resources

Streamline your contract workflow and automate the entire contract lifecycle.

Stay in control

Receive reminders to keep your company up to date with all contract related matters.

Instant access

All your contracts — all in the cloud. Get instant access. No download needed.

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Contract management for the 21st century.

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