Precisely’s COO Named One of Sweden’s 101 Super Talents

Precisely's COO has been named one of the Super Talents of the Swedish business sector

Being named one of the Swedish Super Talents is no small feat. Previously selected Super Talents include the likes of Daniel Ek (Spotify), Jacob de Geer (iZettle), and Zara Larsson (artist). 

Precisely‘s incredibly happy to announce that our COO, Simon Fouladi, has been named one of Sweden’s Super Talents of 2019. The list consists of 101 entrepreneurs, careerists, social contributors, and finance people — people that have made an impression on Sweden’s business sector, and will continue to do so.

— “I’m absolutely thrilled to be named as one of Sweden’s Super Talents and I’m very grateful to those who have inspired me along the way“, says Simon Fouladi, Co-Founder & COO of Precisely.

— “At Precisely, we’re creating technology that makes lives easier for business professionals all over the world. We are building a world-class company with amazing people from various backgrounds. This award is a manifestation of our innovative and meaningful work.

The list has been compiled by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer for twelve consecutive years. The magazine covers Swedish entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as international markets, knowledge and competence.

We name Super Talents to the highlight people we believe in, and to support them in their continued work on their ideas and businesses.

— (Precisely’s translation) Åsa Uhlin, Chief Editor at Veckans Affärer

Further information:

Simon Fouladi, Precisely
Co-Founder & COO

About Precisely

Precisely is the #1 platform for contract champions. Automated contract creation, streamlined approval workflows, e-signatures, automated archiving, smart monitoring and more — all in one place, all in the cloud.

About Veckans Affärer

Digitization and rapid technological development, new deregulated global markets, focus on knowledge and competence and new organizational structures are re-shaping the playing field of the business sector. And it’s first and foremost in new growth-minded companies that new jobs are created. Today, Sweden is at the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Apart from this, attitudes and values concerning areas such as diversity, sustainability and equality are becoming increasingly important. It’s no longer just business that matters, but also how business is done.

Combined, these developments are putting new demands on businesses as well as their employees. We call it the new business sector, for which Veckans Affärer is the go-to meeting point.

(Precisely’s translation, read Veckans Affärer’s original About section)

The complete list of Sweden’s Super Talents 2019 can be found at

Erik Legerius

Erik is a digital marketer and business developer at Precisely. When he isn't managing Precisely's digital marketing related activities, he enjoys organizing events and DJing.