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Why do we do this?

Make contracts simple

We know about the pain connected to handling contracts manually. After having advised companies of different sizes for many years, we’ve realized that many organizations have inefficient contracting processes. They’re neither efficient nor customized to suit a modern company.

That’s why we created Precisely. We share the same goal — to make contracting smart and automated. 

We share the same goal — to make contracting smart and automated.

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What's our story?

It all began in 2006...

Nils-Erik Jansson went to law school back then, when he realized that the legal education lacked focus on how to use technology to align business with law. The intellectual process had begun.

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A couple of years thereafter

…he founded Sweden’s first NewLaw firm, where he met his Precisely partner Simon Fouladi. Together, they experienced how weak contract practices made companies lose value. Precisely was born in 2014 and won Sweden’s biggest competition for business plans, Venture Cup.

Contract conversion - Contract management business case

The result: smart contract management

The main issues related to the companies’ contracting were identified. Contract drafting is too time-consuming and error-prone. It is hard to manage approvals across departments. Printing, scanning and manual signing are inefficient. Contracts are scattered throughout the organizations – and its almost impossible to stay up to date with contract related deadlines.

So, what can Precisely do for me?

One digital touchpoint for all contract related matters

Tired of printing and scanning? No more paper. We’ve developed an automated one-stop solution for all contract related matters. Together, we strive towards a future with less administration — and more time for business.

  • Create
  • Control
  • Sign
  • Archive
  • Monitor

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Forget about having contracts scattered all over the organization. Keep your contracts in one place and get instant access to any contract  – always.

Close more deals

Legally binding electronic signatures makes it possible to close deals, execute contracts and onboard new hires quicker than ever before

Minimize costs

Mitigate both financial and legal risks by digitalizing your contracting process. Also decrease management costs and business delays. Great, isn’t it?

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Learn how Precisely can turn your team into contract champions

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