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Contract management integration with BankID

Seamlessly sign agreements using your favorite authentication solution

Connect Precisely to BankID and use the digital signature solution that you’re used to for authenticating identity and concluding agreements. 

Through a simple setup, you’re able to use Sweden’s leading electronic identification system to sign your agreements.

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Self-service contracting and law firm interactions

Sweden’s most used authentication service

BankID is used for signing transactions and documents with digital identification. By enabling contracts to be signed through Precisely using BankID, you can rest assured that the correct person has signed off. 

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Operating outside of Sweden? Contact us to learn more about integrating Precisely with other identification services.

Cloud Contract Safety

Security as a standard

Security can’t be taken lightly when it comes to contracts. To ensure traceability and accountability, Precisely’s e-signing solution creates a comprehensive transaction trail between the signing parties. 

Transaction logs are protected with hashing technology and contain information such as sender names and timestamps — something which could never be achieved with traditional ink and paper signing.

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Learn how Precisely can turn your team into contract champions

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