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An all-in-one solution that saves time for flaconi


  • Countless hours saved on contract creation
  • More efficiency with e-signing
  • Entire contracting lifecycle in one place

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flaconi is now able to issue and sign contracts quickly since selecting Precisely as their contract management platform. The time saved lets them focus on other business areas instead of paperwork.

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flaconi is one of the largest online shops for beauty products in Germany. Their extensive portfolio consists of more than 900 international brands and 55,000 products in the categories perfume, make-up, skin and hair care, as well as tools, accessories and food supplements

Founded in 2011, the digital store has won numerous awards and is also represented in Austria and Poland.

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The Challenge - An all-in-one solution covering the entire contract lifecycle

Samy Sayed, Product Finance Owner at flaconi, needed a more streamlined and organized process for how their company managed their contracting. With over 450 people working at the headquarters in Berlin, and additionally at the fulfillment center in Halle, it was important to have an all-in-one solution for the contracting process. 

Prior to using Precisely, flaconi’s contract management process was completely mail-based. “Contracts would be forwarded to each person involved for approval and then onto the next. It took much longer to get approval and keeping everything organized was challenging.”


When it came to what flaconi needed, the list was clear; an integrated contract management system that would take them through the entire contract lifecycle. For example, templates for creating contracts, automated approval, archiving and e-signing. And even more important, it needed to be user-friendly and quick for team members to adopt.

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“Creating new templates, approvals and e-signing were understandable for all and easy to maintain. It’s fast to set up a new template.”

Samy Sayed, Product Finance Owner at flaconi
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The Solution - Faster and more efficient contracting with SaaS

With the help of Precisely, flaconi was able to check off all of their contracting needs. The SaaS platform was easy to use and equally straightforward. Onboarding took about an hour for end-users and only a bit longer for admins. However, it was easier to learn as they continued to use the platform. “Creating new templates, approvals and e-signing were understandable for all and easy to maintain. It’s fast to set up a new template.” says Samy.

For really smart workflows—setting up automated processes based on trigger events—it took a bit more training and experience, but resulted in faster, more efficient contracting, saving so much time overall. It became much easier to set up agreements with influencers, where contracts needed to be set up in a short time. With adaptable templates and e-signing, setting up these contracts was no problem.


By choosing Precisely as their overall contract management solution, Samy and his team can now bring contracts from creation to signing in no time at all. As a result, their workflow is more streamlined and their entire contracting process is now completely automated from sending, to approval, to signature and beyond.

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