How Foleon drives efficiency and compliance with Precisely

Portrait of Sabrina Beer in flowery top

Good business means lots of contracts

Dutch Foleon’s business idea is to create compelling B2B content at scale. The demand for quality content is high and as a direct result so is also the amount of customer contracts Foleon manages. Learn how their Sales Administrator Sabrina Beer stays on top of legal demands and ongoing challenges with:

  • Advanced formulas to ensure all contracts are compliant with price structures
  • Approval workflows that mean no unauthorized changes can appear
  • Everything in one platform, making collaboration easy
  • Always being ready for audits and due diligence processes


During its startup years, Foleon created contracts in Microsoft Word. They would send printed copies or scans of a pdf to each customer, which they in turn signed and reverted back. As a first step of digitalizing contracting, Foleon adopted digital signing tool HelloSign, whilst contracts were still created on Google Drive and stored in HubSpot.

“One of our biggest problems was finding and locating contracts for things like renewal or updates. We handle a lot of contracts that include attachments, so scrolling through the attachments to find the contracts was not ideal, to say the least. Also, we are growing fast and have raised funds on the way, which has involved audits. With Precisely in place we are always prepared for an audit or a due diligence process, having everything clearly located.”

THE Challenge

Specific approvals and locating correct versions

The main focus areas for Foleon were error-free document generation, an easy-to-use interface, contract tracking and approval workflows.

Sabrina explains, “We needed approval workflows for the contracts to allow our sales department to give occasional discounts. However, they would need to first be approved from higher up. Also, the drafting templates would need to have approval permissions. We wanted to enable the sales team to give discounts, but only within an acceptable range.”

Foleon was also looking for a better way to locate contracts in their CRM system. With the large number of contracts being handled, it was a challenge to find the most recent and correct versions.

“There was a lot that could go wrong or simply be overlooked. Then it would take us quite a large amount of time to work through each contract and check for possible errors. We knew we needed a solution and that’s how we found Precisely.”

Portrait of Sabrina Beer in flowery top

“ Since we started using Precisely, our order forms and sales contracts are always correct. Precisely’s user interface is self-explanatory. It takes so much work off our shoulders.”

Sabrina Beer, Sales Administrator

A clear workflow saves time

“With Precisely, we have a clear workflow that saves time for all teams. The sales team can now create compliant contracts aligned with our pricing. The order forms are always correct, and we’ve set up a specific discounting model for our sales team that works through approval flows.

Plus, we have no problem finding the latest contract we need right away.”

Foleon uses Precisely’s advanced formulas. This lets them generate templates built on price formulas, calculated depending on specific currency and terms. 

“Today our order forms, and in turn also our sales contracts, are always correct without us having to go back and forth. The leadership team creates a contract version based on questions and the sales team then simply fills in the correct information. Precisely’s user interface is self-explanatory. It takes so much work off our shoulders,” Sabrina explains.

Foleon has five different product offerings, and each one is priced differently depending on the contract terms and currency. This function allows them to easily add in extra products, which have different prices. The user can simply answer questions regarding which products they would like to include.


Streamlined contract generation

Sabrina and her team now have a CLM platform that’s clear for everyone. “The calculation feature is right in line with our price book, and now there’s no need to worry about unauthorized price adjustments. With our product, prices can change a lot. To keep it clear and scalable, it’s important to have fixed options.

We are continuously growing our team and onboarding new sales people. We tweak our plans and offering fairly regularly, plus we also have a lot of old legacy plans. Precisely’s solution really helps us so that we don’t have to explain everything, every time. Precisely is now our single source of truth for contracts.”

The sales team now has constant access to the updated pricing structure and there is a specific discounting model set up with approval workflows. To administer a discount, everything is automatically calculated and inserted correctly in the agreement.

“The team at Precisely has been very attentive to our needs and are quick to get in touch with if we ever have questions. We even requested a new feature and it was added to the product roadmap and implemented right away.” adds Sabrina.

Is your company in need of a contract management software that includes advanced formulas such as pricing calculations? We’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us to book a demo and see how our platform can solve your specific needs.

Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

" I have seen a lot of demos from competitors, but only Precisely could offer what we needed. They are not a supplier, but a partner."

Fiona Greiner, VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity

“ Not only did it solve short-term issues, but integrated with our CRM we efficiently create contracts as well as keep visibility on them.”

Marc-Aurèle Jules, Senior VP of Operations at Supercede

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