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Sofie storckenfeldt streamline operationsSofie Storckenfeldt works as a General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen. Her previous jobs include working at both law firms and big corporations in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Luxembourg.

Find out how she took Stureplansgruppen from admin-heavy, time consuming work to automating legal operations with Precisely.


Stureplansgruppen is Sweden’s leading company in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1996, its aim is to always deliver a world-class guest experience. Their unique and first-class concepts make Stureplansgruppen successful with a turnover of 1.3 billion sek and operations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Åre and Visby.


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The Challenge

On a non-covid annual basis Stureplansgruppen employ almost 4,000 people in total across different areas. This results in an enormous amount of contract-related matters that arise at any time, any day.

Sofie concluded that within each separate branch, they could actually share a lot of contracts.

“Every week we have parts of our organisations that contract DJ’s, dancers and external consultants. They then recruit new employees, handle leases on venues as well as more high level matters such as Shareholders agreements or similar. And in the non-core business we have companies that work with building, construction, facilities, etc. ”

Different locations

Sofie describes the difficulties of reaching out with a large number of customers all over the country. “In the beginning, people in any of these parts of our organization had to find the correct person in our HQ to get in contact with, regarding any contracts or agreements. These parties can often be in different parts of the country, working different hours of the day. Having physical agreements and trying to keep track of their location, along with the content within, was difficult. For nightclubs, restaurants and events there were three separate contacts, all with their CFO, marketing, HR, COO and CEOs that made up my client list. To put it simply, I had to find a way to let them be able to get the information they needed from Legal by themselves and the ability to make standard agreements on the spot.”

She adds, “I felt straightaway that there had to be an easier way of working. It felt like my job was taken up with hunting for details and information to put into contracts. Our office was covered with folders, plus we had a storage facility filling up with all sorts of papers and information.”

Minimize and simplify

Questions came up almost every day, including things such as the number of people allowed in a facility, alcohol permits, floor plans and more. 

“All of these questions – as well as being the middle point or center of attention for all contracting questions – is what I wanted to minimize and simplify. It was taking up so much of my time that our office went under the name Central Station because everything passed through there. Sometimes there were even people queuing up outside the door, waiting for their turn.”


Sofie storckenfeldt

" In the process of digitalizing our legal department, Precisely is a tireless sparring partner that not only offers great support, but also continuously develops new features to meet our needs!"

Sofie Storckenfeldt, General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen
image shows fast contract automation
The Solution

In order to make a more productive legal department with focus on the content of key contracts instead of contract management, Stureplansgruppen needed to automate their legal operations system.

“Building a legal team at a big company made me start researching the possibilities to actually develop some sort of in-house system for all contracts. One that everyone at the company could access. Then I stumbled across Precisely and realized pretty quickly that this was exactly what I was looking for in terms of solutions to my issues as an in-house Legal Counsel.”

“When looking more broadly at the market and options, I got the impression that the products I saw were more like various forms of libraries, for archiving and storing contracts after signing. This was not the type of legal operations platform for managing contracts I was after. I needed something that would cover not only the full life-cycle of our contracts but also something that took me out of all equations when it came to questions around contracts.”

Created by lawyers

With Precisely, a huge plus for Sofie is that the company is created by lawyers. “They understand my needs and can give me actual suggestions and input when setting up our contract management processes. We even went so far that Precisely developed a feature that is now internally named after me! This is something that continues in my interactions with them: a will to constantly improve the product to make sure it covers everything its customers need.”

“The best part is that I never have to try and explain anything to an actual developer. Instead, I can put forth my request in legalese and then it comes back to me – developed and pressure tested by Precisely, people with a legal background – exactly on par with what I asked for but most often even better!”

“When I discovered Precisely, my job went from being very admin heavy, navigating among thousands of unstructured files – to being able to focus on the legal aspects behind contracts and decisions. I now spend my time on things that add value to our business.”
– Sofie Storckenfeldt, General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen

image shows successful contract process
The Result

“We set up organizations and then invited every operations manager while adding the leadership team as admins to all of the organizations. Now, every time someone asks me a question that relates to a contract, its end date or contents – I just say “look in Precisely”. At this point I hardly ever get any questions of this type anymore.”

Stakeholders can now open Precisely and access the contract themselves directly from their own device. This also saves a lot of time for that specific person, for example, restaurant managers. They can instead put focus on their key work, like operations and service. The platform is so intuitive and user-friendly that basically anyone can work in it. And that’s regardless of whether they have a background in legal or are particularly digitally savvy. They don’t need years of experience in order to create or manage a compliant contract.

Signing on the spot

“Earlier, all of our operations managers sent their ideas for consultancy gigs, projects or specific agreements to Legal. Then it was up to me to get a grip on the actual agreement and how to formulate it correctly. But today, for instance, if Martin, the manager at Sturecompagniet, wants to make an agreement for a 2-hour DJ set at 2am, he can create and sign that agreement with the person in question on the spot. All while I’m sleeping soundly at home.” 

“On Monday morning, our company can administer the payment, thanks to everything being prepared in Precisely. Legal doesn’t even have to touch it. And finance and managers know, if there is no agreement in Precisely there will not be a payout. 

A single source of truth

Our legal operations are so much easier with all contracts in one place and one single source of truth. Basically today, if something is not in Precisely, it’s not been approved by Legal.”

“Today, there are only two people in our in-house legal team, plus one paralegal. This is a big shift from the way we operated when I joined in 2016. Especially with what would have been needed in terms of manpower and hours, to achieve the same growth journey as a business – but without a contract management platform.

Because Precisely is well integrated in the organization, we can now focus on high value work with very little administration. We only get contracts that don’t fit in the typical scope that need negotiation. We can assign various forms of user roles and access levels in order to create contracts easily. In the meantime, Precisely covers the rest of the contract lifecycle. This means, for instance, that one can collaborate with someone when creating a contract, and the approval workflows are already set based on several variables. No one ever has to worry about which version is the final one or when something is up for re-negotiation or cancellation. We have one single source of truth that also ensures we never miss an important date.” 


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