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Plat4mation uses contract automation to ensure fast-moving, accurate contract handling

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The fast-growing company Plat4mation is an international Service Now IT platform that is based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, USA, and India. With over 200 platform consultants, they are constantly handing out offers to new employees, which results in a continuous need for a high volume of contracts.

The Challenge

International contracts, accuracy and data privacy

Plat4mation needed a way of efficiently generating contracts for the HR Department. With an expanding company and numerous international consultants, contracts often had to be created in several languages. This was very time consuming for the HR Department, as well as keeping the contracts accurate. Plat4mation handled contract creation by duplicating previously made contracts. This also meant that if someone made a typo in one contract, it would then be copied into all other contracts. Hence, duplicating contracts resulted in many errors.

As a result of duplication, data privacy was a big challenge for Plat4mation. Duplicating a contract and manually replacing variables such as name, salary, and start date was high risk. On several occasions, employees failed to notice variables that needed to be updated. Thereby, sensitive data was spread, such as employee offers.

“The risk of data being spread was so high that we needed a solution that ensured it would never happen again. That solution was Precisely.”
Roel Schoenmakers
CFO, Plat4mation

The Solution

Easy-to-use templates

With Precisely, Plat4mation is now able to quickly produce error-free contracts. Plat4mation has set up HR templates for working contracts, lease agreements, bonus arrangements, and more. The HR Department can simply fill in the variables in pre-defined templates and contracts are generated automatically. The templates also ensure that all variables are accurately filled out from scratch for each contract that is generated.

“No other solution had a simple way of creating a template where you can just fill in the variables, and then the contract is generated. For us, that was the big advantage of using Precisely.”

The Outcome

Accurate contracts 80% faster

Today, Plat4mation is 80% faster when handling contracts. As a result, they have saved both time and money. Additionally, the contracts are ensured to be error-free and protect employee data. With so many contracts to handle, Plat4mation also appreciates that with Precisely, all contracts are stored in a central, digital repository.

All in all, Precisely has been invaluable in assisting Plat4mation’s growth journey, as their hiring process and ongoing contract handling now is more streamlined than ever.

“Precisely helped us with the creation of the first template. That was really nice, but it was so straightforward that we could quickly do it ourselves. It’s not rocket science!”


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