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Adverity saves time with automated workflows


  • Automation saves time
  • Sophisticated user access roles
  • Excellent customer service

image of woman using automated workflowIn a rapidly-growing company, saving time is key. An automated workflow for contracting not only saves time, but eliminates human error while also increasing the workflow and revenue.  Adverity found everything they needed to improve their contracting processes throughout all of their departments with Precisely’s easy-to-use contract management software.

Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

Adverity is a rapidly growing SaaS company founded in 2015 with headquarters in Vienna and offices in London and New York, and totalling more than 230 employees. The company provides end-to-end data solutions with an intelligent marketing analytics platform that transforms data into valuable insights to help companies optimize marketing performance and drive business growth.

Fiona Greiner, Head of Legal & Compliance, joined Adverity two years ago with the opportunity to build the legal department from scratch. They now consist of a team of 3 and are currently searching for more colleagues to add to their department.

image shows person working with automated contract management
The Challenge

Before starting with Precisely, Fiona’s team tried another contract management tool which did not have all the functions they required. Because the company was growing so quickly, the need for automated contract management was a must. Their essential requirements consisted of:

  • Management of the full contracting lifecycle
  • Reliable customer service
  • DocuSign integration
  • Unlimited contracts and templates
  • The opportunity to make feature requests

Fiona says, “Being such a fast growing company made me realize pretty soon after I started at Adverity that I needed to automate our contract management ASAP and get rid of any repetitive work, as well as any unnecessary mistakes when different teams were working together on different contracts.”

Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

" I have seen a lot of demos from competitors, but only Precisely could offer what we needed. They are not a supplier, but a partner."

Fiona Greiner, VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity
image showing contract agreement
The Solution

While their former tool was lacking many requirements and also having technical issues, Precisely was able to fix everything from the very beginning while also matching the price budget.

To begin with, Precisely’s sophisticated user and access roles satisfied the different needs across the company, such as Sales, Account Management, Business Development, Finance, Marketing, HR, and Legal. And conditional approval workflows helped to automate and streamline internal approval processes depending on the type of contract.

Making a difference in easing the workflow

But the major game changer for Adverity was the calculation feature. Fiona states, “Being able to include formulas in our commercial agreement to avoid any manual calculation mistakes and guarantee the quality of our metadata is amazing. I have seen a lot of demos from competitors, but only Precisely could offer what we needed.”

And the onboarding process was a breeze. “We had one big kick-off event for each team, where we introduced and demonstrated the tool. Precisely supported us in creating an overall user guide for our team and we offered bi-weekly Q&A sessions for any open questions. But all in all, Precisely is self-explanatory and most employees could start using it right after the kick-off event.”

image symbolising Collaboration and negotiation on contract in an office
The Result

Today, more than 70 active users spread out between 10 different departments in the company use Precisely to streamline all contract-related processes. This is in addition to optimizing internal business processes. Fiona adds that they “automate repetitive workflows as much as possible and save loads of time for the team, our employees and also our customers.”

She goes on to say, “It really makes all of our lives so much easier. Due to new legislation, the HR team had to send out an amendment to our home office agreement in April to all Austrian employees, which is more than a hundred. From drafting to forwarding it to all employees for e-signature, it just took them a few days.”

“It really feels like Precisely is not a supplier, but a partner for Adverity. The team has such a great mindset and the product is constantly evolving. We are very happy to see that our feedback often leads to improvements or new features. It’s great to be heard as a customer. Whenever we’d like to test a new use case, Precisely’s team is always there to support us right away with joy! It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

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