What you need to know about AI-based contracting solutions

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Most businesses are aware of the general benefits of implementing AI-based assistance. For example, identifying common mistakes, reviewing if contracts are consistent and compliant, and correcting formatting issues. But what many fail to realize is that there are so many other opportunities to be gained. Without researching and asking questions, companies can miss out on

4 Ways to Get Your Contract Negotiations on the Fast-Track

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Contract negotiation may be one of the most stressful things about entering into an agreement with another party. Generally, negotiations are time-consuming and leave a company open for complications when changes go unnoticed. Luckily, new advances in legal tech are improving contract negotiation by offering secure and efficient negotiation tools. Many businesses turn to a

Why do 15% of inhouse legal teams use Post-its to keep track of contract renewals?

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Recently, an article on the Legal tech news site Artificial Lawyer, revealed that “15% of people in inhouse legal teams use Post-it notes, and 12% said they would write reminders ‘on their hand” to handle post-signature contract renewals. The data, gathered from a range of UK companies, also reveals that other common solutions are reminders

Keys To Driving Legal Tech Adoption

Driving legal tech adoption

Encouraging the adoption of legal tech solutions is a key hurdle in realizing their potential value. Contract management solutions, in particular, may not inspire the kind of hype they deserve given their massive time and cost saving potential and ability to drive revenue and growth! So, in this post, we’ll highlight what you can do