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Your contract management solution needs to provide a clear overview of—and ideally an insight into—all of your business’ contracts while enabling all departments to execute faster with increased control. Using a modern solution is the first step towards reducing costs and maximizing the value of your business’ contracts and ensuring the correct handling of data. Precisely’s range of scalable features makes your contract management simple while increasing collaboration across departments.

Furthermore, Precisely’s automated templates enable all of the business’ departments to self-serve while staying within the legally approved guidelines. This eliminates the need to allocate legal resources each time a contract is created.

Choosing Precisely is choosing a solution that lets your teams use an extensive range of automation features to increase their efficiency. As a result, your whole business will save time and reduce costs. Get started and turn your teams into contract champions!

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Let your teams streamline their contracting processes

With Precisely, your teams gain access to a wide range of contract automation features, actively reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. For instance, Precisely lets your legal team (or whoever manages your legal matters) transform your documents into automated templates. From there, anyone is able to create compliant contracts faster than ever before, with or without a legal background. 

After the contracts are created, Precisely lets you send them for legally binding e-signing. Not only cutting paper and mail costs but also reducing the time to signature and letting you close deals faster. You can also set up contract structures and user permission levels for increased security. All while automating your workflows and approval processes.

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Keep your contracts central, visible and accessible

Almost 10% of all signed contracts are lost (according to estimates by Faulkner Information Services). This is largely due to the fact that many contracts are kept in an unorganized manner. They’re scattered throughout organizations — in inboxes, binders, the cloud and countless other storage locations. Precisely offers one central and secure repository for all contracts. Thus making the contract management of your business as a whole and your role as CEO a lot easier. 

Furthermore, smart search and filtering ensure that you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. With Precisely, you can always access your contracts, from anywhere.

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Make sure that you and your teams never miss an important deadline

There are many events in and relating to your contracts that you just can’t afford to miss. Whether a contract is related to executive management, sales, procurement or legal compliance, monitoring your contractual deadlines and staying a step ahead of them will reduce risks as well as costs.

Because of this, Precisely offers smart reminders for any event in a contracts’ lifecycle. Just set a reminder and Precisely will send you an alert when it’s getting close. Never miss an important deadline again.

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