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Smart contract management for enterprise cost reduction

As a CFO, your goals are to reduce losses and maximize profits. But choosing the wrong contract management solution could cost you, your team and your entire organization a lot. According to the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, the average cost of processing a basic, low-risk contract for a large business is estimated at $6,900!

Much of this is taken up by time spent manually performing different processes relating to contract creation. Obviously, this number is way too high. Precisely makes it easy to save time and reduce costs by automating previously manual processes

Use Precisely and reduce the costs of your contracts as a part of your enterprise cost reduction strategy. Make your contract management smart, simple and efficient.

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Contract Management Overview

Get a clear overview and manage your data with ease

For a CFO, one of the most valuable results of effective financial contract management is the ability to extract clear insights into the firm’s financial data. With Precisely, you’re able to quickly find what you’re looking for by keeping your contracts in a central cloud-based repository. Precisely’s secure contract storage also comes with smart search and filtering. This makes it possible to quickly and easily search and find important components of your financial contracts. 

Use the dashboard for a clear overview of key indicators and need-to-knows. Such as which contracts are signed, which are about to expire, and which are pending review. With the dashboard overview and the accessibility provided by smart search and filtering, you’ll gain new insights into your firm’s financial data and you’ll always be one step ahead of your financial contracts. 

Precisely makes it easy to gain insights into your contracts and reduce risks through smart monitoring.

Contract Management Strategy Success

Stay in control while reducing your workload

Work with a solution that lets you harvest the power of automation. Precisely’s platform comes with a wide range of automation features, such as automated reminders which can be set up for any event in the contract lifecycle. They ensure that you never miss a deadline to renew, renegotiate or terminate an agreement. Thus eliminating undesired penalties and costs caused by late payments. 

With Precisely, you can also streamline and automate your team’s workflow and approval processes. Furthermore, Precisely’s contract management solutions for CFOs and finance teams include user permission levels to further increase control and security.


Have compliant and consistent contracts signed and ready in a matter of minutes

Precisely’s modern automation features let you focus on the numbers while gaining increased control and efficiency. With Precisely, you can create custom templates for contracts of any type and complexity. 

Via a simple, self-service questionnaire, the automated templates enable anyone—with or without a legal background—to generate compliant and consistent contracts in mere minutes. Then, simply send them for quick and legally binding e-signature (without even leaving the platform!) and watch your contracting process become faster than ever.

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