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Cloud-based contract management software lets your business increase efficiency and overall workflow with intuitive SaaS solutions through the entire contract lifecycle. Online contract management tools also enable faster, smarter contracting, regardless of where the parties are located.

Innovative contract management tools

Without a doubt, innovative tools have the potential to transform the legal industry. Thus, the tools provided on the Precisely platform greatly increase the efficiency of drafting, approval and archiving. When you employ a cloud-based contract management system, your company is on the way to a smarter future.

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Faster and collaborative contract management

With contract management solutions online, all communication is in one place. In turn, this makes it easy for all parties to suggest changes and give feedback. What’s more, both parties can track every stage of the process, including collaboration and negotiation. With cloud contract management, it’s simple to review, approve, negotiate and e-sign. This also leads to lower admin costs and an easy workflow through the contracting lifecycle.

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Never miss a deadline

With Precisely’s cloud contract management solution, reminders are flexible and customizable. Also, they can be set automatically or manually for various dates or events. To clarify, alerts are sent via email, such as when a document is about to expire or when an approval is needed. In turn, the dashboard will also display all contracts set to expire within 30 days, so every user stays on top of deadlines.

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Manage and control

Your company needs overall tools that let you modify and handle changes to contracts immediately. However, you should also be in control of who has permission to edit documents. With this in mind, Precisely’s contract management software includes user access levels and permissions. On top of this, the platform also automates approval workflows. So you control which contracts are created and who makes changes to terms and wording. 

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