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The main focus of contract administration is to monitor performance of the overall contract lifecycle. The purpose of this is to ensure that objectives are met on time, on budget and without risks. Most important with the contract administration process is the ability to draft, negotiate and approve before signing. In addition, the best type of software for contract administration also includes automatic archiving and reminders. With this in mind, Precisely offers a faster and more efficient contract management solution.

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Automated Contract Creation


To start with, the planning and execution of a contract must be monitored for compliance and changes that are not authorized. Because of this, Precisely’s contract administration software lets anyone in your team create compliant contracts fast with an online solution that ensures the latest version. After that, all it takes is answering a few questions in a smart questionnaire, and the contract is created automatically with compliant terms. In addition, if management needs to check-off the contract prior to signing, you can easily activate an automated approval workflow to save time and mitigate delays.


Achieve better collaboration


When a business administers contract negotiation through a contract administration system, they can also invite other parties to review and negotiate. In this way, they can comment, suggest, and add their own proposed version. Cooperation is effortless and therefore agreements are reached much faster.

Above all, Precisely makes it easy to collaborate on contracts with colleagues. Your contract review checklist also lets you receive quick feedback when sharing contracts with stakeholders. Most importantly, you get an overview of data and analysis. Plus, you can track the timeline until signature.

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Ensure safety and reliability with E-signing


Eliminate the overall time it takes to print, sign and return documents with e-signing. Send and sign all your documents faster than ever through the secure Precisely contract administration software. Information regarding a contract that has been e-signed is also tracked and timestamped, providing you with a complete transaction history. And as a bonus, you’ll save time and money by never paying for postal services, couriers or printer paper again.

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