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Precisely’s contract analysis software uses AI to analyze contracts and increase productivity. Not to mention, it eases many burdens of day-to-day contracting. For example, AI uses contract analysis features for data based on content. In turn, this reveals detailed trends and insights. It also results in an improved overview and simple data extraction. And that’s just the beginning.

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Get a clear overview of all of your contracts


With Precisely’s contract analysis and management software, you can keep all of your contracts and documents in one place. Our online central repository lets you easily find any document you need quickly through smart search functions. The intuitive dashboard also allows access to your contracts from anywhere at any time. In addition, you’ll stay up to date on all contract milestones. This includes status, action points and also deadlines.

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Reveal trends to plan new strategies


Precisely lets you keep your contract insights at your fingertips. You can track and analyze each agreement to reveal accurate trends and insights. Your organization can greatly benefit from these insights to plan new strategies. Plus, the platform gives you an overview to control and monitor each contract, as well as the ability to set alerts of any changes or reminders.

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Intelligent filtering and search functions

To sum up, Precisely’s contracting software scans documents to extract key metadata. In turn, this makes finding and managing documents a breeze. With the Precisely platform, it takes no time at all to find the contract you’re looking for. 

How does this make contracting easier?

It’s simple because our contracting AI software automatically transfers e-signed  contracts to your archive. To this end, contracts made in Precisely already include some metadata tags. Also, it’s easy to add your own. 

In short, with smart search and filtering, you’re sure to always find what you’re looking for.

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