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When looking for a contract management solution, creating compliant contracts is one of the number one issues. Because of this, our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software helps you automate every stage of the contract process. Overall, this includes all contract management stages from the creation and approval workflow, to checking contracts against compliance regulations, to monitoring important contract milestones – and more. With Precisely’s contract compliance software, you can create compliant and secure contracts in minutes!

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Compliant creation

Create legally compliant templates

Precisely’s compliant contract management software lets you create contracts and documents according to your overall needs. To explain, this is done using questionnaire-based templates that are always compliant and up-to-date. In this way, you and your team generates compliant contracts in minutes without the need for legal input. Most importantly, this ensures error-free contracts, regardless of length or complexity.

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Set user roles and permissions

Precisely also lets you automate workflows and approval processes. Furthermore, our contract creation software lets you set your users’ permission levels, giving you better control. In this way, you eliminate rogue contracting and ensure the use of up-to-date, compliant templates.

Set rules for contract approval

With internal rules for contract review and approval policy, you decide who can approve of a contract drafted from a template before it’s sent for negotiation or signing. This, of course, leads to faster signing, better oversight and more efficient contract compliance management.


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Secure and reliable signatures

Because of globalization, many clients and suppliers are in other cities or even countries. To further increase your speed and digitize your processes, legally binding e-signing lets you sign almost any contract in seconds without printing or scanning a thing. Thereafter, our e-signing solution creates a comprehensive transaction trail between the signing parties. Information, such as IP address, is tracked and timestamped from submission to signature to provide you with a complete transaction history.

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Sofie storckenfeldt

" In the process of digitalizing our legal department, Precisely is a tireless sparring partner that not only offers great support, but also continuously develops new features to meet our needs!"

Sofie Storckenfeldt, General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen

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