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Taking control of your contract process is easier than you think! Our automated contracting platform provides a system that ensures compliance and overall quality control. You get control over important dates, sharing documents for revision as well as archiving. In addition to many other tailored features, you also get an overview where you can monitor each contract.

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Increase effectiveness and overall performance

Increasing control over contract terms and wording is essential to improving risk management. With Precisely, anyone on your team can create compliant and consistent contracts. This is done by using automated templates, which are managed centrally to ensure you have complete control and up-to-date compliance.

Set permissions for better control

Precisely’s contract management software also offers document control. Plus, it includes the ability to set up different user access levels. Not to mention, permission settings on documents and folders. On top of this, the platform automates approval workflows, letting you control contract creation. You also decide who makes changes to contract terms and wording.

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Reveal trends and insights

Precisely lets you keep all your overall contract insights at your fingertips. And with a collaborative online platform, you can integrate, generate, and e-sign contracts for a seamless contract automation experience.

Also, AI-enabled analytics let businesses streamline their workcycle. Plus, it lets companies track and analyze each agreement, processing data to reveal accurate trends and insights.

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Esignatures and centralization

E-signatures are a secure way of doing business because they leave an audit trail and transaction log to protect from tampering. Transaction trails also include timestamps, IP addresses and sender names to ensure legality. 

In addition, the cost savings of e-signatures are a major advantage. Through electronic contract signing, contracts can be approved remotely, saving so much time. You can go directly from the contract draft to signature when there is no need to print, or pay for a delivery service.

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