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Automated contract creation

Let’s take a look at just some of the contract features that are available with the Precisely platform. With Precisely, you can streamline your contract creation process by creating automated templates. Create your template in the online contract creator and get quality-assured contracts in a matter of minutes!

Furthermore, Precisely’s automated templates enable all departments to self-serve while staying within the legally approved guidelines. This eliminates the need to allocate legal resources each time a contract is created.

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Contract authoring & automated approval workflows

Another of Precisely’s contract features is the ability to not just create, but to set up approval workflows. In this case, it lets you set up contract structures and determine end-user permissions. This, of course, streamlines the entire process of signature and approval, which results in less errors.

And because permissions and rules are set in advance, you maximize compliance with legal standards and guidelines.

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Integrated e-signing of contracts

Precisely allows you to put an unlimited amount of legally binding electronic signatures on a limitless number of documents. As a result, you close deals, execute contracts and onboard new hires quicker than ever before.

E-signing is often better than traditional signing because it’s accompanied by a digital audit trail, which makes all steps of the signing process easy to trace. Plus, if your documents should be signed in a specific order, you can set a signing order in the platform. After that, the document is only sent to the next person once the one listed before has signed.

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Keep all your contracts in one place

Yet another contract feature Precisely offers is unlimited storage for all your contracts. The secure servers also give you access to all your documents in one place — anytime, anywhere. In addition, smart search and filtering make it possible to quickly find what you are looking for.

Stay on top of contract status

Another key point to having a centralized contract management system is that it’s easy to follow up with clients. Your team has overall visibility of contract status and document tracking on the dashboard overview. This makes it easy to update terms of service, not to mention stay on top of renewals. 


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Be up to date, all the time

Precisely’s smart reminders let you to receive alerts about important milestones regarding your contract. Set up reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle and receive alerts via email. Always know when to renegotiate, renew or terminate the contract in time.

Setting custom rules and alerts also help to manage risk. Additionally, you can add additional users to Precisely’s automated alerts. Simply select a person to receive reminders. Once added, they will also have an overview of upcoming contract events on their dashboard.

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" In the process of digitalizing our legal department, Precisely is a tireless sparring partner that not only offers great support, but also continuously develops new features to meet our needs!"

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