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All businesses manage contracts of some sort. Therefore, the benefits of a smart contract management solution can be harnessed by anyone. From employment agreements to non-disclosure agreements, supply contracts to service agreements — Precisely can handle them all.

Regardless of industry, increasing contracting productivity and efficiency while keeping costs down is a common goal. Precisely offers solutions for the whole contract lifecycle, from start to finish. The platform lets you automate your contracting processes and is both easy to learn and easy to use — with no programming required for setup. Different solutions can be tailored depending on company size and needs. As a result, you can be sure that Precisely will scale with your business. Whether big or small, in hospitality or logistics (or anything in between), you’ll be able to increase your efficiency and decrease risk.

Precisely is the contract lifecycle management software for modern businesses. It makes contract management smart and simple.

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Collect all of your contractual documents in one place

Many companies are still keeping their contracts and agreements spread throughout the organization —  be it in emails, filing cabinets or stacks of paper on a desk. Precisely offers a centralized cloud-based repository which lets you keep all of your contracts in one place. And they’re all fully searchable. Say goodbye to paper and never lose track of your contracts again.

Many contracts are of a sensitive nature, and even if they are not, you probably want to keep them to yourself. Precisely does not take security lightly — the platform is hosted in top-of-the-line facilities and uses the same level of encryption as many government bodies and banks.

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Increase the drafting speed with the Precisely’s automated templates

Many people rely on copy and paste to transfer standard clauses into new contracts — especially when preparing the same types of contracts over and over again. This is highly inefficient and often results in inaccurate, inconsistent contracts. Precisely puts an end to this and reduces time spent on drafting contracts. With Precisely, you can automate contract creation by using automated templates. This, of course, works for all contract types and lets you create compliant contracts with just a few clicks.

Once your new contract is created, it’s time to sign. Without even leaving the platform, Precisely lets you send contracts for legally binding e-signing. You’ll have the document signed faster than ever before. Forget about scanning, printing or regular snail mail.

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Smart reminders make sure that you never miss a deadline

After signing, you’ll probably need to take multiple actions to comply with a single contract. This means deadlines and be it in relation to contract expiry, renegotiation or any other action point, it can be hard to keep track of them all!

Precisely lets you set up smart reminders and receive alerts for any event in the contract lifecycle. There’s no need to keep important contract deadlines in your head (or even in your diary). Precisely will keep you on track.

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