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Spend less time on contracts and more time focusing on your business

Precisely’s contract management system lets you review the status of all contracts, upcoming deadlines and action points via an intuitive contract management dashboard. We also save you and your team hours of time with automated solutions that allow your team to draft compliant contracts in minutes. With better visibility over your contracting process, your company will reduce errors and improve accuracy.

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Let your teams streamline their contracting processes

With Precisely, your teams gain access to a wide range of contract automation features, actively reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. For instance, Precisely lets your legal team transform your documents into automated templates. From there, anyone can create compliant contracts faster than ever before, with or without a legal background.

Once anyone creates a document, the contract management dashboard gives you a clear overview of the status of every contract through a secure, central repository that lets you gather all of your legal documents in one place.

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Discover insights and trends

Via the intuitive contracting dashboard, you’ll have a clear, overall view of all your contracts. You’ll also have the ability to extract valuable insights taken from the contract data. And with a collaborative online platform, you can create, integrate, and e-sign contracts for a seamless document automation experience. 

Contract metadata and keywords

Also, AI-enabled analytics enables companies to track and analyze each agreement to reveal insights and trends. Precisely’s metadata extracts keywords automatically when you create a new contract. These keywords help to filter and locate documents. In addition, you can add or remove any keywords to arrange the data to fit your business needs.

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Never miss a deadline


Precisely’s contract management dashboard displays all contracts set to expire within 30 days, in order to make sure you stay on top of deadlines. Basically, all you need to do is set up reminders for any event in the document lifecycle. Alerts are then sent via email, such as when a document is about to expire or needs approval. So you’ll never miss a contract deadline again!

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