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Automate and track the entire contract lifecycle

Time-saving contract workflow

Precisely’s contract management database software saves you and your team hours of time with automated solutions that allow your team to draft compliant contracts in minutes. You can also review the status of all contracts, upcoming deadlines and action points via an intuitive dashboard. Plus, the digital contract database archive is equipped with smart search and filtering to find what you need in an instant. Best of all, this works for all types of contracts, at all levels.

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Contract lifecycle

Everything in one platform

Contract database software includes more than just the creation of contracts. In fact, the best contract management system also includes monitoring, collaboration tools, smart archiving and metadata insights. So not only can you create contracts online, but also get a solution for the whole contract lifecycle.

Managing the whole contract lifecycle

In addition to creation, we also offer reviewing, signing and monitoring. To summarize, by employing a contract database software, your business increases control, reduces costs, and frees up countless hours of administrative contracting work.

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Keep contract insights at your fingertips

Precisely’s contract database software also lets you track each contract. Our system does this through metadata, which are keywords you can use to filter and locate documents. To clarify, metadata is extracted automatically when you create a contract from a Precisely template. However, you can add or remove any keywords to arrange the data in a way that fits your business needs. For example, with Precisely’s contract database software, you can set reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle, such as renegotiation or expiration. So you’ll never miss a deadline again!

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Reveal actionable contract insights

While your team uses metadata for contract location, it can also apply to strategy. Indeed, you can identify the largest contracts in the document database and see where you might allocate resources. Also, many contracts for one company with different renewal dates can be coordinated for better time-management. Using your contract repository as a strategic tool keeps your company one step ahead.

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