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Manual contracting is messy

  • 55% of contracts are created from the wrong template
  • 85% deviate from standard, requiring Legal’s attention
  • 15% of lawyers use post-its to track contract milestones
  • 10% of contracts simply disappear

Precisely’s contract management software is designed to cut out repetitive work and minimize the risk of human error. Without any unnecessary paperwork you can focus on important business matters.

Our platform lets anyone create compliant contracts in minutes and provides a single source of truth for all contract related matters.

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Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

" I have seen a lot of demos from competitors, but only Precisely could offer what we needed. They are not a supplier, but a partner."

Fiona Greiner, VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity

Content Creation

Our contracting software lets anyone on your team easily create compliant contracts through questionnaire-based templates.

Collaboration and negotiation

Access, review and comment on contracts in one single platform. Use different levels of permissions to protect your contracts from unauthorized changes.


Select recipients and send for signing. Once all recipients have signed the contract, you receive a notification and it’s automatically stored in your digital archive.

Database archive

All e-signed contracts are automatically archived. They also contain metadata terms such as dates, monetary values, contract categories. Plus, you can add any of your own metadata terms during contract creation.

Monitor for insights

Set reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle and receive alerts via email. For instance, contract expiries, renewals, and renegotiations. Contracts are stored in one central repository, always easy to find.

An image symbolizing how Precisely's contract management and automation improves the workflows of financial services and institutions

Customer case studies

Two smiling women dressed in NA-KD clothing.

NA-KD works with Precisely to automate their contract processes and reduce the time to signature request by up to 80%.

Damien Boutigny

Damien Boutigny

Legal Counsel at NA-KD

image symbolising Collaboration and negotiation on contract in an office

Adverity found everything they needed to improve their contracting processes with Precisely’s easy-to-use contract management software.

Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

Fiona Greiner

VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity

image shows Eton and contract management

With Precisely, Eton found a way to save time and increase productivity with their entire contract management lifecycle in just one platform.

image shows David Köröndi

David Köröndi

Head of Legal at Eton

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“ We feel aligned with the vision of Precisely. Not only did it solve our short-term issues, but we will integrate it with our CRM. We now use it to efficiently create contracts as well as to keep visibility on them.”

Marc-Aurele Jules, Senior Vice President of Operations at Supercede

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