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Monitoring your contract activity is simply not enough. When you use Precisely’s analytical contract management software, you can improve your contracting strategy and performance. Most importantly, contract management analytics let you quickly identify patterns and trends. Therefore giving you a window into your company’s risk and opportunities. Precisely’s automation platform and AI algorithms analyze the overall contract data, sort the information and offer valuable insights to customer behavior.

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End-to-end strategic contract management


When using the Precisely contracting platform, creating new contracts is as simple as filling in a few questions. It’s easy to navigate both for creating new contracts as well as for locating the documents you need. Automation also ensures contract compliance and quality control.

Making strategic contracting connections

In addition, our strategic contract management plan gives you an overview where you can control and monitor each contract. Evaluate incoming contracts and make connections to see how it applies to contracts already in your system.

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Reveal actionable insights


Metadata can be used not only to locate documents, but also to apply strategy. Once you identify the largest contracts, you can decide where to allocate resources. Also, many contracts for one company with different renewal dates can be coordinated for better time-management. In this case, your contract repository is a strategic tool that keeps your company one step ahead.

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Never miss a deadline


Analytics and metadata also help you keep up with important events, such as contract renewal, renegotiation and expiration. Another way this could be used to strategize your contract management plan is to better coordinate contracts with different renewal dates. In this way, you improve your time-management. Never miss an contract renewal or expiration again!

Damien Boutigny

" Precisely helped us improve the efficiency of our legal team by allowing the department to spend more time focusing on high-value work."

Damien Boutigny, Legal Counsel at NA-KD

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