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A document management workflow solution for the entire contract lifecycle
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Efficient and secure contract management workflows

Drafting contracts manually can be time-consuming and unreliable. There is always a risk it can be edited freely by anyone, even if the template is based on Legal’s guidelines. 

However, you can create templates with set rules and guidelines by using Precisely’s software for your entire contract workflow. Simply adjust users’ access levels to prevent edits. In this way, you streamline your contracting process.

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A digital solution for the entire contract lifecycle

Smart notifications in Precisely’s contract workflow software help you to stay ahead of crucial contract events in the contract cycle such as renewals, renegotiations, and terminations. Furthermore, with everything in a central repository, you’re always able to find what you’re looking for. Also, the smart search and filtering functions make finding any document easy. Never lose track of a contract again.


Secure contracting with e-signatures

E-signatures leave an audit trail and transaction log to protect from tampering, which makes them a secure way of doing business. Transaction trails also include sender names, timestamps and IP addresses to ensure legality. 

Additionally, the cost savings of e-signatures are a considerable advantage. Contracts can be approved remotely through electronic contract signing, saving so much time. It’s easy to go directly from creation to signature when there is no need to print, or pay for a delivery service.

Streamline your whole contract workflow

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