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Faster and collaborative contract management

With your contract performance management solutions online, all communication is in one place. This, of course, makes it easy for all parties to suggest changes with redlining and feedback. Both parties can track every stage of the contract process, including collaboration and negotiations, without the need for lawyers.

Contract collaboration made easy

With a contract performance management framework in a central location, it’s simple to review, approve, negotiate and e-sign. Above all, this leads to greater contract collaboration, lower administrative costs, and an easy workflow through all phases of the contracting lifecycle.

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Smart, modern-day solutions

When businesses seek increased efficiency, one solution is to go paperless. For example, replacing paper and ink with an easy-to-use online archive, saves time and money. In turn, there’s no need to print documents, pay for postal services, or order printer paper again.

The Precisely platform also includes an unlimited number of e-signings. If a document needs signing, it can be done in seconds without printing or scanning. Regardless of where both parties are located.

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Seamless contracting

Integration expands possibilities

Precisely’s contract management software gives you the option to integrate tools and applications your company is already using. This in turn contributes to a seamless contracting experience that enhances collaboration. By integrating the apps and services you use daily, overall contract performance management measures improve greatly. For example, here are some of the ways integrations can accelerate your contract workflow:

  • Send and sign compliant contracts from within your CRM system
  • Use data from a spreadsheet to automatically create and sign contracts
  • Send contracts for signing with your current e-signing provider 
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Set rules and guidelines

Unfortunately, it’s easy for users to make unauthorized changes when a template is open.  With automated solutions, you can set predefined approval processes for your documents. Once you give access to a digital contracting platform, new contracts can be created by your team, while still remaining within Legal’s pre-approved guidelines. In addition, administrators can set rules for users’ overall access, limiting or sharing access to items. Activity logs can also be viewed, ensuring the progress of the agreement can be followed by all involved. Since the solution is online, the latest version of the template is always used in every team.

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