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Stay ahead of contract renewals with automated monitoring
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Take control of your contract renewal process

When it comes to contract renewal, you need a contract management system that lets you know when a probation period is coming to an end, when it’s time for a review or when to extend an agreement. Until now, it’s been common practice to set up reminders manually in a calendar for each and every contract milestone. However, it’s another thing to actually remember to do so. Unfortunately, these things often get lost in other notifications and activities. 

For this reason, Precisely’s contract management software offers simple automated solutions for monitoring all events in a contract’s lifecycle. Taking control of your contracts has never been easier!

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Contract creation

Anyone can create compliant and consistent contracts

Precisely’s user-friendly contract automation platform lets you focus on your business instead of paperwork. With efficient contracting software, anyone on your team can create compliant contracts with our simple, questionnaire-based templates. Plus, our intuitive interface lets you know if a contract is in need of signing, about to expire, or awaiting approvals. Stay on top of your contract renewals!

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A centralized overview

With Precisely’s contract management software, e-signed contracts are automatically sent for archiving in a central location. This is also where you can view the current stage of your contracts. What’s more, this is possible whether the contract is signed or not. 

Meanwhile, the secure storage platform lets you locate contracts easily for retrieval and renewals. Precisely’s AI also identifies contract metadata to let you create tags and reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle. For example, renegotiation or expiration.

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Reveal actionable insights

While your team uses metadata for contract location and renewal information, it can also apply to strategy. With metadata, you can identify the largest contracts and see where you might allocate resources. Also, it’s easy to coordinate many contracts for one company with different renewal dates for better time-management. Using your contract repository as a strategic tool keeps your company one step ahead.

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