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The traditional tools a law firm uses to draft, review and amend contracts have serious limitations. Not to mention a lack of version control and risk of human-error when editing templates or transferring standardized wording from a clause bank.

Control your contract review process

With this in mind, Precisely’s contract review software saves time and reduces errors by improving your overall contract review procedure. Not only do you improve productivity by setting up a database of pre-approved automated templates, but you can also control any changes through setting permissions. Best of all, this works for all types of contracts, at all levels.

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Easily review contracts together

When a business conducts contract negotiation through a contracting platform, they can also invite other parties to review and negotiate. In this way, they can comment, suggest, and add their own proposed version. Cooperation is effortless and therefore agreements are reached much faster.

Above all, Precisely makes it easy to collaborate on contracts with colleagues. Your contract review checklist also lets you receive quick feedback when sharing contracts with stakeholders. Most importantly, you get an overview of data and analysis. Plus, you can track the timeline until signature.

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An all-in-one platform for easy contract review

As has been shown, storing your most important legal documents in a binder or filing cabinet in your office no longer cuts it. When you need to find information from a contract, it should be done immediately. Precisely makes your overall contract review procedure simple with unlimited storage in a central, online repository.

Review via an intuitive dashboard

To explain, this is where you can review the status of all contracts, upcoming deadlines and action points via an intuitive dashboard. Plus, the digital archive is equipped with smart search and filtering. As a result, you can retrieve documents in an instant and provide timely advice to clients on all manner of contract-related issues.

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Track your contract info with e-signing

Eliminate the overall time it takes to print, sign and return documents with e-signing. Send and sign all your documents faster than ever through the secure Precisely platform. Information regarding a contract that has been e-signed is also tracked and timestamped, providing you with a complete transaction history. And as a bonus, you’ll save time and money by never paying for postal services, couriers or printer paper again.

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