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Contract Software for your needs

When choosing contract software, you have a lot of choices, but not all are a perfect fit. Of course, every business should be able to tailor software to their own needs. So, what works for one company may not be the best answer for the next. At any rate, you want software that customizes your workflow. In exactly the way you want.
The right software will, above all, give your business the most efficient solution when it comes to contract management.

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Contract Lifecycle

Everything in one platform

Generally, contract software includes more than just the creation of contracts. In fact, the best contract software also includes monitoring and collaboration tools. Not to mention, smart archiving and metadata insights. Precisely not only offers a means for creating contracts online, but a solution for the whole contract lifecycle. We offer software for contract writing, reviewing, signing and monitoring.  And that’s all the way from contract renewal or termination. To summarize, your business increases control, reduces costs, and frees up countless hours of administrative contracting work.

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Contract Creation

Spend less time on contracts

Let Precisely automate your administrative contracting needs. To start with, our contracting software offers templates based on questionnaires. In this way, anyone in the department can create compliant contracts. Also, you can set access controls. This is so no one can alter the document without your knowledge. In the meantime, Precisely’s contract software helps you create your documents quickly and without error. To put it another way, we eliminate the time consuming contracting process so that you can concentrate on what really matters.


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Keep contract insights at your fingertips

Precisely’s contract software lets you track each contract. The software does this through metadata. To put it another way, it locates and filters documents through keywords. Metadata is then extracted automatically when you create a contract from a Precisely template. However, you can also add or remove any keywords to arrange the data in a way that fits your needs.

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Never miss a deadline again

With an overview of all activity, it’s easy to find out which contracts have or have not been signed. Also, Precisely’s contracting software includes smart reminders. This lets you know when you need to renew, renegotiate or terminate a contract. In this way, you’ll always stay on top of all contract deadlines.

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