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With Precisely, you can streamline your contract creation process by creating automated business contract templates in our contract management software. Our questionnaire-based templates allow you to set permissions and rules, thus maximizing compliance with legal standards and guidelines. We also give you the ability to draft all types of contracts on customized, automated templates, which gives you more time to spend on important business matters. Your company will be able to create compliant contracts in minutes and execute on them quicker than ever before.

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Contract generation

Precisely’s contract template software lets anyone in your team create compliant contracts in detail in minutes. What’s more, you generate contracts by creating questions and references based on names, dates and contract values in a smart questionnaire. Whether you’re creating service contract templates or any business contract templates, our document template maker ensures your contract is set up automatically with compliant terms. Since the solution is cloud-based, you always ensure the template uses the latest version.

With these processes, it’s also possible to use your existing contracts to create automated templates for future use. You can also archive previous contracts simply by importing your files to the archive.

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Create rules for templates

When using Precisely’s contract template solution for your legal contract automation, you can create templates with set rules and guidelines. You can also prevent edits simply by adjusting users’ access levels. Above all, you need to protect your contracts from edits and changes that are not authorized. Our user permission options allow users to suggest changes and give feedback without altering the document.

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Metadata and tracking

With an online document management system, document storage is in one place, making it easy to find what you’re looking for with metadata. Metadata tags are automatically included when you create contracts with Precisely’s automated templates. However, you can also easily add or remove data tags, focused on your needs, to any contract. 

It’s easy to set up reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle and receive alerts via email. In this way, you’ll always know when to renegotiate, renew or terminate the contract in time.

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