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Precisely’s user-friendly contract automation platform manages contracts efficiently so you can focus on your business instead of paperwork. With Precisely, everyone on your team can create compliant contracts with our simple, questionnaire-based templates. Plus, with one intuitive interface, you’ll know which contracts are signed or not. Not to mention, which ones are about to expire and which ones are awaiting approvals.

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Tracking and signing

Users are not only able to create contracts in no time, but also to track data and set up automatic notifications. And with e-signing, sending, signing and returning contracts takes no time at all, wherever the parties are located.

By replacing ink and paper with simple, legally binding electronic signatures, you’ll save time and money (and the planet!). You’ll also reduce costs by never paying for postal services, couriers or printer paper again.

Monitor and track contracts

Document overview and control

With our online contract tracking software, you get an overall view to control and monitor your documents. Meanwhile, this lets you assess incoming contracts. In this way, you get insights on how they apply to contracts already in your system.

Contract software with permissions

Precisely also helps you streamline and control the drafting process. This is done through setting up contract structures and user permissions. Meanwhile, you’ll take control of who gets to make changes to the contract templates. Furthermore, you’ll automate your workflow and approval processes.

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Track negotiations online

Once you create a document, teams must review it before negotiations. Generally, this is where parties voice changes or disagreements. However, with Precisely’s contract management system, it’s easy to allow parties access with limits. You can also handle negotiations online. This means all parties can access, review and comment on the document in the platform. Plus, you’ll be alerted when new information is added.

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