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How Stureplansgruppen streamlined its legal operations

Find out how Stureplansgruppen went from admin-heavy, time consuming work to automating legal operations in no time with Precisely.

Sofie storckenfeldt

Sofie Storckenfeldt

General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen

image symbolising Collaboration and negotiation on contract in an office

Adverity saves time with automated workflows

Adverity found everything they needed to improve their contracting processes with Precisely’s easy-to-use contract management software.

Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

Fiona Greiner

VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity

image shows products of flaconi

An all-in-one solution that saves time for flaconi

flaconi is now able to issue and sign contracts quickly since selecting Precisely as their contract management platform. The time saved lets them focus on other business areas instead of paperwork.

image shows products of flaconi

Samy Sayed

Product Finance Owner at flaconi

Man writing notes on Contract tracking online to control contract management solution.

Supercede improves collaboration with Precisely's contracting solution

The Precisely API allowed Supercede to integrate the tools they were already using for a seamless contract automation experience and improved collaboration.


Marc-Aurele Jules

Senior Vice President of Operations at Supercede

Two smiling women dressed in NA-KD clothing.

How top Nordic e-commerce NA-KD improves their contract process

NA-KD works with Precisely to automate their contract processes and reduce the time to signature request by up to 80%.

Damien Boutigny

Damien Boutigny

Legal Counsel at NA-KD

image shows Eton and contract management

A contract management solution that checks all of Eton's boxes

With Precisely, Eton found a way to save time and increase productivity with their entire contract management lifecycle in just one platform.

image shows David Köröndi

David Köröndi

Head of Legal at Eton

images shows Plat4mation contracting team

Contract automation makes Plat4mation's processes faster

With Precisely, Plat4Mation is able to store all contracts in a central, digital repository. Their hiring process and ongoing contract handling is now more streamlined than ever.

images shows Plat4mation contracting team

Roel Schoenmakers


image shows people working with contracting

How Key Solutions reduced risk with efficient contracting

Key Solutions, one of Europe’s best workplaces, reduces compliance risks and improved productivity with Precisely’s efficient contracting.

Karvan Guldstierna

Karvan Guldstierna

Head of People at Key Solutions


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