Digital Contracting

With digital contracting software, negotiation and collaboration is efficient and productive.

Find contracts in a matter of seconds.

All contracts are stored in one place, with a clear overview of their status.

Consistent and error-free contracts, regardless of length or complexity.

No need for legal knowledge with our easy-to-use platform.

Get reminders of pending approvals and expiring documents.

Only authorized users can make changes to contract terms and wording.


Why digital contracting?

Contracts are often notoriously difficult to understand, not to mention navigating the collaboration between the parties. However, when you use digital contracting software, you let companies administer contracts in an efficient and effective way.

With Precisely’s contracting platform, you can optimize your contract lifecycle for maximum efficiency, all the way from the initial request to the renewal of the contracts. Plus, our contract management system is user-friendly with great support anytime you need it!

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Fast digital document creation

Anyone on a team can create and generate precise documents in detail in no time with Precisely’s digital contracting solution. It’s also simple to enter your already existing documents to create automated templates, so there’s no need to start everything from scratch. Your documents and contracts will be easily searchable for any contract-related function. Thus, you and your team will take less time to carry out manual tasks and more time to focus on your business goals.

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Increase efficiency

While everyone in your company can create consistent and accurate documents overall in minutes, you can also automate the approval and workflow process. This further increases your company’s efficiency with no need to track down management for approval.  In this way, drafting to signing flows much faster than ever before.

Additionally, the Precisely platform lets you integrate the tools and apps you already use. As a result, you get smooth document assembly and generation that doesn’t slow your business down.

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Gain contract insights


With digital contracting, your team can easily set metadata tags and track all documents. To clarify, metadata is information about your documents, such as values, dates or type of contract. Likewise, you can use these to locate and reveal trends and insights. You can also add or remove points to filter information specific to your business. What’s more, you’ll be able to keep your documents centrally located to quickly find what you need.