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What is a document automation solution and what does it do?

A document automation solution is often applied for automating contract creation. Once a text-based document or a contract is transformed through document automation software, the user (i.e. the one creating the contract) usually fill in answers in forms like an interview to generate a transaction-ready contract – automatically. Best-in-class examples of contracting applications guide the user through the data-entry, which in turn makes it possible for basically anyone (not just lawyers) to generate even complex contracts with minimal error.

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Precisely Contract Automation

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Let’s face it. Today, the contract creation process is unnecessarily inefficient – even for the ones who write the same type of contract over and over again. One copy-pastes a bit and reads through the contract whole every time to make sure that nothing undesired has changed. That is why we built a legal document automation software with the specific purpose of automating contract creation.

In other words, Precisely enables you to automate and streamline your contract creation process by creating smart templates. Create your template in Precisely Contract Creator and get quality-assured contracts in a matter of minutes (or even seconds)! And of course, our legal document automation engine works with all contracts. Not only does this significantly reduce your efficiency, you will also reduce (if not eliminate) human errors and thus greatly increase the quality of your contracts. Maximize efficiency, quality, compliance and control.

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What would be changed in your contract on a regular basis if you edited it manually? This is usually a given for the contracting parties, start and end date, scope of the contract etc. What variations do you have in your current contracts? Precisely Contract Creator is a powerful document automation software – or more specifically – contract automation tool to not only make sure that Contract References like dates, amounts and parties are easy to set by answering a question, but also to change what legal text will correspond to different set of answers. Document automation, as it should be.

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Christoffer Lötebo - Precis Digital

" By empowering all our departments with self-service automated contract templates, we’ve drastically increased our efficiency and at the same time improved risk management."

Christoffer Lötebo, CEO at Precis Digital
Edvin Brobeck

" Having all our contracts in one place means a lot when we are approaching investors. It has a direct effect on our valuation and indirectly in growing our business even further."

Edvin Brobeck, CEO at Mapiful

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