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Precisely’s document production software and other automation solutions solve some of the overall problems of traditional contracting. Managing contracts and documents in detail across departments is complex. This is especially true when departments have different incentives. Our document automation solution satisfies the specific needs of all departments. This is then done through a simple process that allows everyone to create contracts fast with minimal error. In turn, finalizing contracts is faster than ever before. 

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Always the latest version


Precisely’s contract and document production software allows anyone in your team to create compliant and error-free contracts fast. Simply enter your answers in a smart questionnaire to automatically create the document. You also ensure the use of the latest version of the template since the solution is cloud-based. In addition, you can automate your approval workflow to save time and reduce delays. Easy as that!

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Central document repository


Documents are often spread out all over the company, making it almost impossible to know when to renew, terminate or take other actions. With this in mind, Precisely offers a central online repository for all your contracts.  With one interface, you’ll know which contracts need signing, are expiring or awaiting approvals. Furthermore, Precisely’s smart search and filtering makes finding documents easy.

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Set rules and keep control


Our document generation solution also lets your legal team set rules and processes. Because of this, there’s no need to involve Legal in every deal. They can focus on strategically important issues instead. Once you create and approve the contract, it’s easy to send for e-signing. As a result, you’ll close more deals and onboard new hires quicker than ever before.

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