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Online sales are flourishing and for companies to be successful, an e-commerce digital contracting solution is essential. In this case, it is especially true if you want to have more control over your sales. Additionally, the right contracting solution brings together all contracts and versions in one place. In this way, you can take advantage of analytics and detailed reporting. Not to mention workflow automation tools and smart notifications as well. In this way, nothing is missed.



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Damien Boutigny

" Precisely helped us improve the efficiency of our legal team by allowing the department to spend more time focusing on high-value work."

Damien Boutigny, Legal Counsel at NA-KD
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Keeping control

Easy solution for e-commerce

Precisely’s digital contracting platform for e-commerce is an easy-to-use solution that’s simple to maintain. This means that with the right tools, your company can evolve to a streamlined process. In essence, this is done by making your process easier so that you always get real-time access to the data you need as well as control over your platform.

Workers finding insights into their contracting

Automated contract drafting for e-commerce

E-commerce companies need a contracting solution that covers a broad range of legal and business matters.  Therefore, it is important to limit risk and protect your property. In particular, content and brand-related materials. Also, when you write a contract with up-to-date templates, it makes it that much easier to resolve any conflicts that may arise. 

Precisely gives you unlimited contract templates based on questionnaires. In turn, these smart e-commerce contract creators make it simple for anyone to create compliant contracts. Regardless of legal experience. And because the contract creation is online, you always have the latest version.

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Centralized contract storage

Smart document archiving

It’s not enough to simply use a drafting tool to create your contracts for e-commerce. Equally important to successful workflows is the need to include smart archiving. With this in mind, Precisely’s centralized storage platform keeps all your contracts in one place. Hence, you can find them easily for retrieval and renewals through one secure and searchable online repository.

Always remember when to renew and approve

The intuitive interface also gives crucial information about which documents are signed, about to expire, or are waiting for approvals. Plus, this information can be accessed by anyone in your team at any time no matter where they are. With this  functionality, customers, vendors and partners never have to wait to hear back.

Remember, when you’re up-to-date on your e-commerce contract management, you build consumer trust.

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Efficient e-commerce solutions

Increase productivity while keeping costs down

Precisely offers solutions for the entire contract lifecycle, from start to finish. The platform is easy to use and therefore quickly adapted by team members, even if they are not entirely tech-savvy. Also, solutions for any size company can match its needs. When using automated contract creation for your e-commerce business, time spent on drafting contracts is reduced.

You can also save costs through e-signing. E-signatures save time and money by eliminating scanning, printing and sending through postal mail services. Plus, E-signing methods utilize strong authentication to ensure safety and reliability.

When you streamline all your contract-related processes from creation to closure, you spend less time on paperwork and more time getting your products out on the market.

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“Creating new templates, approvals and e-signing were understandable for all and easy to maintain. It’s fast to set up a new template.”

Samy Sayed, Product Finance Owner at flaconi

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Learn how one of the largest online beauty product shops, is now able to issue and sign contracts quickly through Precisely’s contract management solution. Now they are able to focus on other business areas instead of paperwork. 

image shows products of flaconi

Samy Sayed

Product Finance Owner at flaconi

Two smiling women dressed in NA-KD clothing.


Read about how top Nordic e-commerce company, NA-KD, improves their overall contracting with Precisely. And also find out how they reduced their time to signature request by up to 80%.

Damien Boutigny

Damien Boutigny

Legal Counsel at NA-KD

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Online clothing company, Eton, saves time and increases productivity with their overall contract management lifecycle in just one platform.

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David Köröndi

Head of Legal at Eton

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