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Precisely’s enterprise contract management system is designed to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce administrative costs. ​Additionally, features such as metadata collection and an intuitive archiving system allow you to manage your entire contract lifecycle in one place.

Overall, Precisely’s central and secure online system lets your business monitor and manage documents effortlessly.

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Central cloud-based contract management

At larger organizations, legal contract management needs to be automated. In this way, companies avoid bottlenecks and manual intervention. With this in mind, Precisely’s enterprise contract management software contains an advanced archiving and search feature. So it’s quick and easy to locate important information.

Centralized contracts

Additionally, in enterprise contract management, companies often work with many different departments. In this case, with a cloud-based Saas system, enterprise contracts are central and available to all. 

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Smart reminders keep you in control

Enterprise organizations work with a large number of legal contracts. This is why it’s important that enterprise contracts are compliant and monitored for changes and updates. Doing this manually with calendar or spreadsheet systems is too time-consuming. In some cases, human error also may be an issue.

Contract reminders

However, with Precisely’s SaaS contract management platform, smart reminders are put in place automatically during contract creation. As a result, your business is notified in plenty of time to stay on top of possible contract renewals, re-negotiations and terminations.

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Manage and control

Your company needs tools that let you modify and handle changes to contracts immediately. However, you should also be in control of which members of your team have permission to edit documents. Luckily, Precisely’s contract management software also includes the ability to set up different user access levels. Not to mention, permission settings on documents and folders. On top of this, the platform automates approval workflows, letting you control contract creation. You also control who makes changes to contract terms and wording. 

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Secure and dependable contracting

When handling large amounts of data, security and protection of information is crucial. For this purpose, Precisely uses TLS encryption and state-of-the-art server infrastructure with world-class security standards. In addition, frequent backup systems ensure no contracts are lost. Your files are also constantly backed up in multiple data centers to ensure access at any time. Furthermore, Precisely uses two-factor authentication. This, of course, gives you the ability to set user permissions. In this way, only authorized personnel can allow access to contracts.

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