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Financial contract management is undergoing a digital transformation. You can simplify complex financial services with the help of smart solutions. Precisely’s automation driven software lets you take a modern technology-driven approach to managing financial contracts.

The end-to-end contracting platform makes it easy to communicate and collaborate across teams and departments. Productivity and efficiency are increased through automation of manual processes, such as contract drafting and monitoring. 

Try Precisely and say goodbye to multiple, cumbersome contracting systems. From contract initiation to renewal, Precisely makes contracting easy and helps you reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency.

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Cloud Contract Safety

Secure storage for all of your financial contracts

Precisely understands that security matters to you and to your clients. Due to the importance of user protection and security, Precisely gathers all of your financial contracts in one central repository and protects them with the same level of security used by many government bodies and leading banks. As a result, you can always feel safe knowing that your data is encrypted and sent securely.

On the Precisely platform, you can control who has access to your contracts with fully customizable user-level permissions to further increase security.

Financial contract management needs to be rock solid, and your data is safe with Precisely.

Electronic Signing for Contracts
Create and send

Fast and safe drafting combined with electronic signatures

The contract creation process can be an unnecessarily time-consuming one, even when preparing contracts of the same type. Precisely lets you reduce risk and gain speed in the contract drafting process. The platform lets you create automated templates and works with all contract types. Using automated templates, you and your team can draft consistent, compliant contracts in as little as minutes or even seconds.

Going paperless is a big part of going digital. Use Precisely to send your contracts for legally binding e-signing. You’ll save time, money and the planet! Rather than relying on traditional snail mail or couriers to send contracts for signature, Precisely lets you have them sent, signed, archived and docketed faster than ever. When everyone has signed, an automated notification will let you know right away. No more paper and way less waiting!

Contract Alerts

Never miss a crucial deadline with smart reminders

There are dates and times relating to contracts that you can’t afford to miss. But you don’t have to keep track of everything yourself. Gain an overview of all upcoming actions with the help of digital means — rather than managing the actions you need to take on your own, let Precisely do it for you.

Precisely’s smart reminders are easily set up for any event in a contracts’ lifecycle. Just set a reminder and Precisely will let you know when it’s time to take action. You can also view upcoming reminders and action points from your intuitive dashboard. Never miss a deadline again.

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