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Government contract management includes many intricate agreements with a variety of contractors and vendors. Even more important, deadlines must be met. Therefore, it’s important to have control over the entire contract lifecycle. Because of this, Precisely’s contract management software offers government employees easy contract creation, archiving, monitoring and reminders all in one platform.

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Creation and collaboration

Streamline creation

Communication and collaboration are key to successful contract management in government. With this in mind, Precisely’s contract management software gives you a simple way to work together efficiently across all teams. Productivity is also increased through automating manual processes. This includes contract drafting and overall monitoring.

Easy government contract creation

In addition, anyone can create compliant contracts in a matter of minutes using simple, intuitive questionnaire-based drafting. Even without a legal background! Because the process is based on automated templates, you’ll feel confident that your document is accurate every time.

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Security and Permissions

Prevent data loss

The importance of user protection and security, especially when dealing with defense or federal contract management, cannot be underestimated. For this reason, Precisely gathers all of your government contracts in one central repository. Because of this, your contracts are protected with the same level of security used by many government bodies and banks.

Setting contract permissions

In addition, with the Precisely platform, you control who has access to your contracts with fully customizable user-level permissions. It also allows users to suggest changes and give feedback without altering the document. Furthermore, with TLS encryption, you maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information. Plus, our automatic backups ensure you won’t lose your contracts in an emergency.

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Manage contract deadlines

Government contract management often involves handling an overall large number of complex contracts. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of important contracting milestones. With Precisely’s centralized online repository, you’ll never lose track of any government contract. In fact, our platform comes with unlimited storage. As a result, you and your team will be able to access and review any contract you need — from anywhere, at any time.

Contracts are also automatically archived with accurate metadata once they are created. In this way, they are easy to locate. Plus, reminders can be easily set for contract expiration and any other deadlines.

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