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For human resources professionals, contracts are a crucial means of managing employee and contractor relationships. The ability to handle contracting processes efficiently is essential to a smooth and effective HR team. That’s where Precisely can help.

Precisely lets you fully automate your contract processes, including approval workflows. The wide range of automated features helps you reduce the time spent on manual tasks and lets you stay ahead of all of your contracts. For example, by notifying you when a contract is due for renewal or probation period is coming to an end.

With Precisely, there’s no need to involve legal every time the need for a new contract arises. The automated templates let anyone create contracts, even those without a legal background. Rather than spending a lot of time on administrative routine tasks, or involving unnecessary organizational resources, Precisely does it for you.

As a result, you can increase your contracting efficiency and stay ahead of your contracts, while keeping them consistent and compliant.

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Stand out as a modern employer by using a smart solution

Your contracts and contract management solution is often one of the first impressions your organization will make on a new hire. These days, many employees and contractors jump from workplace to workplace and come with higher demands and expectations. Let new hires know that you are a modern employer by using an easy, digital solution. Put your best foot forward while also streamlining the contract process for yourself. 

With Precisely, you’re able to drastically reduce the time spent on drafting. Using automated templates, you can have a compliant and consistent contract ready in as little as minutes or even seconds. In addition, the Precisely platform comes with e-signing, which lets your new hires view and sign contracts right from their smartphone.

Contract Alerts

Stay aware of all upcoming contract-related actions

Very often there are HR related contract management actions that you need to stay ahead of. It could be knowing when a probation period is coming to an end, when it’s time for a review or termination or when to extend the employment agreement for a superstar team member. 

With Precisely, you won’t need to keep these dates in your head (or even in your diary). Precisely’s automated reminders are fully customizable and can be set up for any event in a contracts’ lifecycle. Use automation and never miss an important date again.

Contract Online Archiving

All of your contracts at the tip of your fingers

The Precisely service includes a central and secure cloud-based storage for all of your contracts. Smart search and filtering ensures that you’ll always be able to find any contract you need without delay — from anywhere, at any time. 

Gather all of your contracts in one place and make sure that no important documents get lost. Become a modern employer by digitizing your HR contract management and increase your efficiency and security.

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