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In the insurance industry, the sheer volume and complexity of contracts demand an automated contracting solution to then increase efficiency and maintain compliance. Therefore, you need a solution that not only shortens the signing process, but also includes a central location for contract storage and automates the steps in between. In short, this is where Precisely’s digital contract management really helps.

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Contract creation

Create flawless agreements in minutes

Precisely’s contract creator lets anyone in your team create compliant contracts in detail in minutes. Even without a legal background. When you use our platform, your contracts are error-free, no matter how long or complex.

Contract generation

What’s more, you generate contracts by creating questions and references based on names, dates and contract values in a smart questionnaire. Once you do this, the contract is set up automatically with compliant terms. Since the solution is cloud-based, you always ensure the template uses the latest version.

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Save time with smart archiving solutions

As has been noted in the insurance industry, organizing contracts is time-consuming. With an automated contract management system, once your contracts are e-signed, they are automatically archived in one place for easy access anytime. In addition, Precisely’s smart search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can also set reminders for any event in the contract lifecycle. For example, renegotiation, renewal or termination.

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Send and sign anywhere, at any time

Eliminate the time it takes to print, sign and return documents with e-signing. Send and sign all your documents faster than ever through the secure Precisely platform. This also ensures all departments are up to date on the status of every contract.


Information is also tracked and timestamped, providing you with a complete transaction history. And as a bonus, you’ll save time and money by never paying for postal services, couriers or printer paper again.

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Protecting sensitive information

Above all, you need to protect your contracts from unauthorized edits and changes. Luckily, Precisely’s contracting platform lets you set user roles and permissions to control access levels. It also allows users to suggest changes and give feedback without altering the document. And with TLS encryption, you maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information. Plus, our automatic backups ensure you won’t lose your contracts in an emergency. 

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