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The contract management of IT and technology companies can involve many contracts of different types and sizes. Regardless of if you’re working in outsourcing, IT consulting or licensing, Precisely offers an automation driven contract management platform that works with all contracts, teams and departments. By using features such as automated workflows and approvals, a centralized repository and intuitive interface, your team can easily collaborate and communicate in all contract related processes.

Furthermore, Precisely’s automated templates let anyone, even those without a legal background, create compliant and reliable contracts in minutes. Get started today and increase your business’ contracting efficiency and productivity.

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Many businesses are doing an unnecessary amount of manual contract-related work using solutions that aren’t designed for the modern digital world. Without the right tools, it can be hard to manage contracts across departments and creating and finding them when you need them takes up too much time. As a result of inefficient contract processes, overall productivity drops.

This is where Precisely comes in. Using the modern contract platform, you’ll spend less time on tedious manual tasks and free up time for what really matters. Using Precisely means using a contract management solution with the same goals as yours — to make contracts smart and simple.

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Go digital with contract management software built for IT and technology companies. With Precisely, you’ll never have to print your contracts and put them into physical binders again (yes, some people still do that!). Using a central cloud-based repository—hosted on state-of-the-art servers—you can keep them all in one secure place. The archive is also fully searchable and has smart filters, allowing you to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds, from anywhere, at any time.

In a globalized world, many of your clients and suppliers are probably in other cities or even countries. To further increase your speed and digitize your processes, legally binding e-signing let you and your partners across the globe sign almost any contract in seconds without printing or scanning a thing. Most contracts are even signed in less than 24 hours using Precisely!

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Smart solutions that reduce the risk of human error

Precisely’s automated contract creation tools let everyone in your organization—from assistants to executives—draft compliant and consistent contracts in minutes (if not seconds). You maintain control by deciding who gets to make changes to documents through customizing end-user permissions. You can also automate the approval and workflow processes to further increase efficiency.

On top of that, Precisely’s smart reminders help you keep track of any event in a contracts’ lifecycle. Simply set up a reminder and you’ll be notified when it’s time to renegotiate, terminate or renew contracts on time. Never miss an important deadline again!

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