Nordic Legal Tech Day 2021

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Never before has alignment and breaking down silos been as crucial. With Precisely’s user-friendly contract management platform, businesses enable cross-functional collaboration and ensure it does not come at the expense of control.

Contract management should be accessible and easy for all departments. Regardless of the level of legal experience or digital savviness. Precisely is in the forefront of making contracting simple for everyone involved.

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Fiona Adverity, Legal Compliance

" I have seen a lot of demos from competitors, but only Precisely could offer what we needed. They are not a supplier, but a partner."

Fiona Greiner, VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity
Christoffer Lötebo - Precis Digital

" By empowering all our departments with self-service automated contract templates, we’ve drastically increased our efficiency and at the same time improved risk management."

Christoffer Lötebo, CEO at Precis Digital
An image of the Trend Report What legal will look like 2022

Curious about the future of legal tech? So are we.

In this new Trend Report, written by Precisely’s founder and CEO Nils-Erik Jansson, we take a closer look at what legal will look like in 2022 – and in the future. Get the free report below:

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