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A contract management solution for more efficient procurement

Precisely’s contract management solution for procurement professionals lets you reduce costs and risks, without jeopardizing speed. Increase your efficiency with solutions that let you focus on the actual sourcing and purchasing. Instead of spending valuable time on tedious administrative contract related tasks. Precisely offers a wide range of features to help merchants and industrial buyers streamline and automate their contracting processes.

You’re also able to create, send and sign contracts faster than ever using the Precisely’s automated templates and integrated e-signing features. Post signing, smart reminders let you stay on top of contract related dates and deadlines, ensuring that you never have to rush an order.

By unlocking the means to become faster and more efficient, Precisely is the solution for procurement professionals that want to gain increased contracting productivity and ease of management.

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Get a clear overview of all of your contracts

Keep all of your offers, requests and other contracts in one place with Precisely’s cloud-based central repository and find the document you need in an instant using smart search and filtering. The intuitive dashboard lets you access your contracts from anywhere at any time with ease and stay up to date on all related need-to-knows — including status, action points and deadlines.

Precisely lets you automate workflows and approval processes, as well as setting up your users’ permission levels. As a result, you can streamline your procurement and become more efficient.

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Smart drafting lets your team become contract champions

Precisely’s lets you create—or transform your existing templates into—automated templates from which compliant and consistent contracts can be generated in minutes (or even seconds!). This works for all types of contracts and couldn’t be easier to use, including for those without legal backgrounds.

Once the contract is created, Precisely lets you send it for quick and easy e-signing, without ever leaving the platform. Use a procurement contract management solution that lets you act in an instant. Precisely will let you become even more flexible and close deals faster than ever.

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Stay ahead of your procurement related actions

Precisley’s goal is to make your contract management both smart and simple. Part of this is streamlining as much of your contract process as possible. To this end, Precisely has smart reminders that can be set up for any event in the contract lifecycle. As a result, you will always stay ahead of the actions that need to be taken.

Always know when it’s time to renegotiate a supplier contract or when a contract is about to expire. Never miss an important date again.

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