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Contract Management for Recruitment Services

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Create all your recruitment and employment contracts automatically

As a recruitment business, working with a modern contract management solution can greatly increase speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional contracting, Precisely lets anyone on your team create employment agreements, consultancy agreements, NDAs or any other type of contract ready in a matter of minutes using simple, intuitive questionnaire-based drafting.

Precisely’s automated platform can also remind you of when a probation period is coming to an end, or when it’s time to renew an employment contract. Rather than spending valuable time on creating or finding the right contract, you’ll be able to dedicate your hours to increase the quality and quantity of new hires.

Furthermore, it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for with the use of the centralized and fully searchable cloud-based repository. Stop spending unnecessary time on managing contracts and let Precisely do it for you. Reduce recruitment contracting costs and increase efficiency with automated, digital contract management solutions.

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Streamline creation

Automate the contract creation process

Most companies tend to go through each and every contract they draft, copying and pasting key clauses or manually amending standard templates — even when drafting a lot of contracts of the same type. Obviously, this is highly inefficient and susceptible to human error. To avoid mistakes, it’s often necessary to involve legal personnel — even for routine, everyday contracting.

Precisely lets you avoid all of this. Instead of outsourcing to legal or going through a long checklist Precisely allows anyone to draft a contract in minutes or even seconds. Because the process is based on automated templates you’ll feel confident that your document is accurate every time.

Converting your existing templates into automated ones in Precisely is easy. And from there on, you can let the platform do the rest. This, naturally, works for any contract type. With Precisely, you’ll always have consistent and compliant contracts that are ready to sign in no time.

Contract Online Archiving
Easy to find

Keep everything in one place and say goodbye to binders

With Precisely’s centralized could-based repository, you’ll never lose track of a contract. The platform comes with unlimited storage on secure servers. As a result, you and your team will be able to access and review any contract you need — from anywhere, at any time.

The intuitive dashboard includes smart search and filtering to let you find exactly what you are looking for right away—including the exact status and action items associated with every contract. No more time spent digging through inboxes or binders.

Electronic Signing for Contracts
Legally binding e-signing

Let your candidates get to work faster

The campaign and interviews are finished. You have found and matched the right candidates with your clients. Now, it’s time for them to get to work. Instead of having candidates back in to sign employment contracts in person or emailing back and forth, you can use Precisely. Send contracts for legally binging e-signing which can be completed right from their smartphones.

Precisely includes an unlimited number of e-signings which can be used without even leaving the platform. And once the contracts have been signed, you’ll be notified right away. Increase the efficiency of your recruitment processes and say goodbye to paper.

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