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More and more scaleups are modernizing their contract management systems. This is not only to reduce costs and increase efficiency but also for a clear overview of all business contracts and the data they provide.

An automated contracting system must then be fast and efficient. It must also provide a simple way to manage complex approval workflows for different teams in order for a business to grow.

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Improve your contracting with scalable solutions

Of course, one of the challenges of a scaleup business is to find the right balance in your workflow. To clarify, the benefits of a scale-up contracting strategy include reducing costs and maximizing contract value. Because of this, Precisely’s range of scalable features ensures the correct handling of data, while increasing collaboration across all teams.

Streamline your workflow

Precisely’s contract management solution also streamlines all of your contract processes from beginning to end. As your company grows, you need to easily create and manage contracts while being compliant and secure. With that in mind, the all-in-one platform gives you the chance to build a smooth workflow that grows with your business.

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Contracting solutions tailored to your needs

Scaleups focus on growth, and Precisely helps you build a scalable contract process. This is done with overall solutions that fit your company’s size and needs. When software gives you an overview of data and analysis, all negotiating parties can see the changes. They can also track the timeline until signature. Additionally, Precisely provides metadata for analytics, smart notifications and automated archiving functions. Whether large or small, your business will increase efficiency with easy-to-use tools for everyone involved. 

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Storing your data safely in one place

With Precisely’s contract management platform, your contracts and documents will be stored in a state-of-the-art SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 facility. This is, of course, crucial for secure contract management with central storage. You can also enhance your security even further with Precisely’s contract management platform by setting roles and permissions. These basically let users choose who is allowed to edit or view documents.

To learn more about Precisely’s secure encryption, backups and internal access, simply take a look at our security features.

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