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Service management contracts are, of course, very important for a company when it comes to agreements on the type of services expected. Whether this is for maintenance, your customers, or even the customers you serve. With proper contracting, your business can establish consistent growth and revenue. In addition, with contract automation for service management, manual processes are removed and everything is maintained and updated in one platform.

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Contract creation

Quick creation of service agreements

In general, many companies spend too much time organizing complex service contracts. With this in mind, Precisely offers questionnaire-based contract templates that let anyone create compliant contracts. This is done, for example, through creating questions and references based on names, dates and contract values. Once the contract is generated, it’s automatically sent for legally binding e-signing. What’s more, there’s no need to involve the legal department.

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Never miss a deadline again

With Precisely’s contract management software, you can manage a variety of service contracts, plus important dates in contract milestones. For example, reminders allow you to get alerts for any event, such as renegotiation, renewal or termination. Reminders also make it simple to know which contracts have or have not been signed. Furthermore, this saves a lot of time and stress over deadlines.

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Maximize your overall contract performance

If you manage customer and service agreements, you may already have some applications you are familiar with, but they’re in different places. Precisely lets you collaborate more effectively with customers, partners, and potential clients. This happens through integrating the apps you’re already using into the Precisely platform.


When you integrate your apps into the software, you can assess everything in a central location. With integration you’re able to bring everything together to accelerate your contract workflow, making the onboarding process simple and quick.

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