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The Precisely API lets you connect the Precisely platform to other applications that you use every day. 

In short, this means that you are able to use Precisely’s functionalities in conjunction with those other systems, such as your ERP, CRM or MA, for a seamless contract automation and contract management experience.

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Salesforce contract management integration — seamless contract automation

Streamline your workflows

The Precisely API enables integrations with your other software and, thereby, seamless contract automation and contract management functionality. 

Examples of features that are available within the Precisely platform and can be performed in your other software using integrations include:

  • automated contract creation based on data in e.g. your CRM, ERP or HR system,
  • sending contracts for e-signing directly from a third party system,
  • exporting of copies of executed contracts and backups to your current software suite,
  • and more.
Contract management CRM automation
From input to signed contract

Example workflow

Let’s say that you would like to integrate Precisely with your CRM system. 

With the Precisely API, you can start by automatically generating a contract based on data from your CRM, such as names, dates, order volumes and amounts. When the contract has been generated, it’s automatically sent for legally binding e-signing — and once signed, it’s exported and backed up as a PDF to your CRM or sent to all parties by email. 

All of this from within your CRM, ERP, HR platform or any other system — the possibilities are endless.

Integrations and applications


Salesforce contract management integration  Precisely Azure AD integration

Precisely BankID integration

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Learn how Precisely can turn your team into contract champions

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