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Save time and increase contracting mobility by saying goodbye to paper

Using Precisely’s e-signing solution lets you send and have your contracts signed faster than ever. Without Precisely, the contract signing process can be a long one. It’s not unusual for it to take days or even weeks, especially if paper contracts are to be sent by old-fashioned postal service or courier, and the other parties aren’t in the same city or country. Precisely’s automated process lets you safely send any and all documents for legally binding e-signing instead — without even leaving the platform. Replacing the typical back and forth emailing or snail mail with Precisely’s automated contract signing process alleviates bottlenecks across all contracting department workflows.  

It also ensures that all stakeholders and departments are always up to date on the status of every contract, including which ones are or aren’t approved or signed. As a result, your teams gain insights into—and a better understanding of—the whole contract lifecycle, laying the groundwork for increased interdepartmental teamwork.

It’s time to streamline the contract signing process and say goodbye to paper.

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Go paperless and reduce costs

Going paperless is a natural step for businesses seeking increased efficiency and digitization. By replacing ink and paper with simple, legally binding electronic signatures, you’ll save time and money (and the planet!) when completing contract related processes. Replace time-consuming signature processes in your workflow with a digital solution

With e-signing, you can have your contracts sent, signed and returned in a matter of minutes, even if the parties are located on opposite sides of the world. And you’ll reduce costs by never paying for postal services, couriers or printer paper again. Naturally, unlimited use of the integrated e-signing solution is part of Precisely’s automated contract management service.

Cloud Contract Safety
Audit trail

Secure and reliable signatures

Our e-signing solution creates a comprehensive transaction trail between the signing parties. Information, such as IP address, is tracked and timestamped from submission to signature to provide you with a complete transaction history.

The transaction log is also processed with hashing technology, to protect it from tampering. Furthermore, the transaction trails include information such as sender name and timestamps to ensure legality — something which could never be achieved with traditional ink and paper signing.

Legally binding e-signing for contracts

Electronic signatures are legal and fully binding

People often ask if electronic signatures are legally binding. The simple answer is yes, with very few exceptions, they are!

Electronic signatures are legal and fully binding in the majority of countries around the world and for almost all types of contracts. In light of this, there’s no reason to uphold the old paper-and-ink regime when there are effective digital substitutes.

Precisely’s e-signing service complies with the requirements of the U.S Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000. As well as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the European Union eIDAS regarding electronic signatures and transmissions.

Welcome to the future of fast, secure and efficient contracting!

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