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Vendor contract management can, of course, be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. Companies that employ vendors, contractors and freelancers need an overall platform that can streamline contracts in one central repository. Above all, flexibility for the size and necessity of the contracts needs to be functional in all areas.

Contract reminders

Vendor contracts also work best when negotiations are easy for all parties. For example, with a superior archiving system for quick retrieval and contractual events. That’s how Precisely makes vendor contract management simple!

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Save time with vendor contract creation

Precisely’s vendor contract management software allows you to create contracts and documents in detail according to your needs. In fact, legally compliant contracts can be generated in minutes without the need for legal input. Questionnaire-based templates that are always compliant and up-to-date allow you to achieve this. With a document and vendor management contracting system, you get better control, while involving more people in the process. Additionally, this leads to faster signing, better oversight and compliance.

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Easy access anytime

Having a central platform lets you easily find and create any type of contract you might need. Once contracts are e-signed, they are automatically archived for easy access anytime with smart search and filtering. This gives those with user permissions control over important dates and sharing documents for revision. Plus, reminders can be set for important dates such as renewals and expirations of vendor or any other contracts.

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Secure contract management solution

Security is important and with this in mind, Precisely offers an efficient and secure way to manage your vendor contracts. We protect all sensitive data accordingly with bank-level TLS encryption. Precisely also ensures you don’t lose your your contracts and critical information, in case of an emergency, by continuous backup of uploaded files. Plus, your data replicates automatically in multiple data centers to ensure access to your contracts.

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